My Friend

I bite my lips
I feel no pain
the blood flows
Why is life so short all of a sudden
why you
Dear friend
I know you since birth
death steals your life
pain anger
is this the way?
we often say it’s not fair
But what can we do about it
Watch life disappears from your body
No way
How strong you are
Im not. Forgive me


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5 Responses to My Friend

  1. prenin says:

    When we lose someone who matter to us it leaves a gap that can nover be filled, just memories both sad and sweet.

    As long as we live we are a testament to that person who was so much a part of our lives.

    Good memories are how we are best remembered.

    Love and hugs MJ and regrets for your loss.

    God Bless my friend.


  2. You are much, much stronger than you think 🙂 Big Wolfie hug x

  3. michiko says:

    Our life so short but I has so many good friend for long years..our lives.
    Have a nice day Sweeti san!

  4. big hugs! love, Eddie

  5. It brings it home to you just how short life is.. especially when we are getting on and lose our friends around the same ages.. Life needs to be lived in each moment.. we need to embrace each other in love.. and tell each other how much they are loved.. For life may in a blink of an eye change for ever…

    Love to you MJ… and I am sorry if you have lost a dear friend.. xxxx Love Sue

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