A Bird’s nest.

In our garden we have a lot of birds. But one lady bird flies off and on. It is the month of May. She collects all kind of dry grass and flies then to our hydrangea at the fench. She is building her nest. Thats a fact.
Our cat runs around. The bird keeps an eye on her.We also. Nothing can stop the bird to build a warm nest for her future children.
I was tring to make a foto But every time i came outside She flew away


you see its not that very clear ….U can see her with some dry grass in her mouth.
Small moment of how simple beautiful nature can be.

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9 Responses to A Bird’s nest.

  1. prenin says:

    I see the birds here collecting stuff for their nests.

    The trees are so crowded it sounds like a bird tower block first thing in the morning! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Joe Cutler says:

    It’s the season for such things now for sure, I love it!

  3. A beautiful example of a “small moment of how simple beautiful nature can be”!!! so well said dear friend. love, Eddie

  4. michiko says:

    A lady bird was colleacts of dry grass and flies to oue hedranger at the fence , She is bird imy her nest.
    Your cat has the bird keeps eye on her, We also nothing stop the build her future Children, I was to make to every time in outside she flew away.
    You see not very clear with few dry grass in her mouth few tine of a beautiful can be.
    I have a beautiful golfing day!
    Have a lovely day Sweeti !

  5. A beautiful picture Michiko, I clicked on it and it became extra large and I saw her clearly, I am sure she will build her nest and still keep an eye out for your cat.
    Kind regards my friend.

  6. I enlarged the photo MJ, and saw her more clearly.. Its a lovely time of year… We too enjoy watching and feeding the birds meal worms at this time of the year for their young…
    Many thanks for sharing .. Hugs Sue

  7. natswans says:

    That is Lovely I also enlarged your photo, my favourite time of year.
    I also like the Blossom on the right side of the picture MJ.
    Thank you for sharing this magical time , hope you are well.
    Hugs Sheila x

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