What day is today.

I wrote this in july 2005.
I read this post and realise that i cant remember who it was. Sad dont u think/

what day is to day
This morning when i woke up, didn’t know for a moment what day it was.
Yes:( Im that far gone Just for some minutes though.My brains started to work again huh…
Time goes fast, cant keep up . When its continuing on that speed I will be 100 before I know.
Worst things is ..there is not a day that s coming back….gone is gone .. forever.

Later this morning got a message from a bloggerfriend, there’s a friend blogger ,his wife died .
she was 37 years old, had 2 kids. Then I thought this poor sad family will remember this day forever, They know its wednesday.They know is 2005. forever…..and ever…..They will even remember what kind of weather it was, Her last words. Forever.


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8 Responses to What day is today.

  1. prenin says:

    Yes my friend I know the feeling well.

    When I lost Hanne it was the end of innocence for me.

    Suddenly somebody I cared about was gone ‘way too young… 😦

    Love and huge hugs my friend!


    • chicasl10 says:

      Oh Ian i opened wounds again for you Sorry But in a way u will Always remember the day Hanne died Same as i wrote here. The day Ian Its a part of ur life. And we have to go on. Huggy for u Ian

  2. Compassion is always best
    with love, Eddie

  3. Very sad….a time that will surely come for each and every one of us at some point… Wolfie hugs 🙂

  4. Some dates are engraved on our hearts, others in our memories.
    I may not remember exact dates but people and names I do, I still recall two friends from the Myspace days on the net, I recall their passing a number of years back.
    Past, Present and Future, we all go through it.

  5. michiko says:

    Cos of course dosn’t worry me..but only time the hairdressrs are made give worry me.
    The raining days for over two month that worry me too.
    Have a good days Sweeti san!

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