Bacha Basi Again

I wrote abt his topic in 2010 and i wish you read about it again.
It was saterday evening in the news in Belgium. It was not about the Bacha basi,but in general that kids in Afghanistan will be sexual abused before they are 10 years old. SICK sick sick sick

Bacha Basi

U heard of this?? Probably not. I read about it some months back in one of my books about other cultures.
I think im on a dangerous path now,but i have to write about it.

Bacha Basi
Populair in Afghanistan.
They call them Dancing boys But actuallly they are sex slaves Lured off the streets by pimps, taught to dance and sing. Performing before men. All of them are sexually abused.
TAliban forbid these actions. But rich powerfull business men pay a lot of money to have their own boy.
When such a boy disobey the “owner”they are killed or brutalised.
United Nations knows about these issues. And knowing who is funding this practices and why the police cant stop this, nothing happens till now.

Kids.. I know i write a lot abt them.


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4 Responses to Bacha Basi Again

  1. This is horrible and heart breaking…but you are right, it needs to be written about and shared. It cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet. xx

  2. michiko says:

    I was read about in general about kids in other country too..They are sex slaves of the streets by pimps sexually abused the owner they are killed or bustallred I know,All of other country has same us police can’t stop this?.
    Have a nice day Sweeti San!

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