Maybe one day

According to some people we harvest what we sow and if we do the right things we will experience good things
And if we do bad things, there will be bad things on our way.
But if we look around in this world there are a lot of bad guys out there.
And they dont experience bad things.

Maybe one day this saying will be true.


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15 Responses to Maybe one day

  1. prenin says:

    Yep MJ, just don’t hold your breath!!! 😦

    My sperm donor is as evil as they come and has made it clear he’ll kill me on sight, but now he has serious health issues and I’m still breathing!!! 🙂

    The day he passes I’m going to celebrate!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Better not to look at what others are or are not doing.
    Better to just manage one’s own affairs.
    sending big hugs and love, Eddie

  3. Arrgh well, now that may be seen from one’s perspective.. We do not see what they will eventually reap.. do we?

    Thought provoking MJ.. and yes still lots of Bad guys out there.. But thankfully there are more Good ones we never get to hear about.. :-).. Have a wonderful week.. xxx Hugs Sue

  4. michiko says:

    Hi Sweeti’s San!
    All my friends always trying what is best thing way for ours.. just fold fold it up and let the gorgeows sunshine. I don’t has any bad guys with us ..Thank you good one!!
    Summer time when I feel started itchy just cortiee DS 1 % cream for when I feel bad time.
    I used Daivobet 50/500 gel few hours for this years but I don’t like very much…wait see ….
    Have a lovery day!

  5. They may not have experienced bad things yet but one day they will have to answer to their maker…that could be a very very bad experience!!

  6. natswans says:

    It is hard when so many people don’t give a hoot about our beautiful Planet. They only reap the riches they cam make and destroy places of beauty to get it. Sad.. wish we were all like you , there are good people out there and bless them all.
    Have a lovely week xx

  7. Dilip says:

    Yes this question does come up when we see some bad guys enjoying happily. But that happiness is just too short and elusive. Lasting happiness and well being is deep within us and in being kind to others. Cheers and many thanks 🙂

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