Je suis Charlie ( I am Charlie ) ich Bin Charlie (Ik ben Charlie)

Paris Charlie Hebdo attack: Je Suis Charlie hashtag one of most popular in Twitter history

Je Suis Charlie was tweeted at a rate of 6,500 times a minute at its height following Paris massacre
The whole world was united. Against crazy violence.


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6 Responses to Je suis Charlie ( I am Charlie ) ich Bin Charlie (Ik ben Charlie)

  1. Yes we are all united in our resolve to end violence …. May we see more PEACE on Earth.. And let it begin with ALL of us..

  2. prenin says:

    This is the opposite of what the terrorists wanted!!! 🙂

    Je Suis Charlie.

  3. Je Suis Charlie…”I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

  4. I think the world reaction is diversely opposed to the reaction the terrorists expected.
    The world is finally realising that to overcome this disease spreading throughout the world, that all nations must stand as one.

  5. Michiko says:

    Our New year’s resol utions are not even a few week old it is probably not yet enough time to find them in that mist- shrouded graveyarl of thought known as it seemd a good idea at the time.
    But Cancer-free longevity in people expored to cancer development.
    What you think of the family name of the rulers of Russia from 1613-to 1917.
    We don’t know how wis going to?
    Have a nice days! my Dear Sweeti San!

  6. Michiko says:

    Dear Sweeti San!
    It was a long time I didnt see you in here? Are your Mum’s was Ok now? What you are doing of in cold weather of time? See you soon?

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