The lady with the beard

a Man in a woman’s body

a woman in a man’s body

It is a problem emotionally and physically. People accept and its no longer seen as a problem.

But see this as a mistake in nature.

The person can do something about it and feel happy again after a difficult period.

Acceptation by family and friends for instance and having the right to dress how he/she feels.

You look relaxed and happy in your new you.

But I have problems with the person who has won the song contest in 2014, he is male.

Dresses like a woman. But…

But he has a beard its so manly. So thats the reason i get a bit confused.

Can someone explain to me cos I do not understand why he still wants to have that beard.

Female with a beard was in former days an event at the funfair.

Or maybe he likes the shocking event?

I wonder if kids ask parents   Why that lady has a beard.


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5 Responses to The lady with the beard

  1. prenin says:

    Everyone is different hun, though if Conchita lived in my area she’d get lynched! 😦

    Look at me: I was a guy who looked after children and all my downstairs neighbour could see was that I had young girls visiting me in my home, so I had to be having sex with them! 😦

    Having a paid informer wiring your home for sound in the hope of selling you to the highest bidder is no fun!!! 😦

    Despite all they could do for the next 25 years, the Police happy with me after the third year, Bob and the Investigative journalists continued to persecute me for a further 24 years! 😦

    Today Emily and Becky, Kids I looked after from birth, are now successful business women and mothers who sold me out without hesitation until I was cleared of all allegations.

    These days they treat me as if my every orifice is solar powered and look after me! 🙂

    Love and hugs! 🙂


  2. Unfortunately, people have nothing better to do than “talk” about others, rather than mind there own business. It’s a lonely world. Enjoy a most beautiful day, love Eddie

  3. natswans says:

    Hi Sweetie hope you are keeping well. I think he said he is happy dressing like this. His own words he is comfortable in these clothes. But as you say, I can’t understand the beard. But if he is happy then who are we to judge, he is indeed a brave man.
    Hugs Sheila x

  4. I can not answer you MJ… Live and Let live, and what I have learnt is acceptance… For we all too often put labels upon others.. This man’s look is obviously having the desired affect It got our attention! 🙂

    Hope all is well with you MJ.. Love and Hugs your way xxx

  5. Some women have unusually large amounts of facial hair, even ending up with beards and mustaches like a man, even though they don’t want it and try many methods to remove it in order to feel more womanly and not be stared at and commented upon. Sadly often without success though some seem to find ways to accept this physical trait and even embrace it, rather than seeing it as an affliction of sorts. Maybe this woman/man is trying to champion their cause and encourage wider acceptance for it 🙂

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