Memory of the day

full13681561When the day meets the night

Its time to put out the lights

Close the windows en lock the door

A memory of a day

Im going to sleep now

Im coming home

In my own world

My soul embraces my heart

Im happy for the love i got today

The memories of the day

Going to sleep is a goodbye

My worries are in Gods hands


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18 Responses to Memory of the day

  1. prenin says:

    Sweet dreams MJ! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs! 🙂


  2. night, night. love, Eddie

  3. God’s hands are the best place for our worries; ) Enjoy a worry free sleep 🙂

  4. I hope you slept well MJ.. xxx and that is sometimes all we can do, as we close our eyes, put everything in the Universe’s hands.. Love and Blessings Sue xox

    • chicasl10 says:

      lots of times i wake up during night Need to find a way to make my thoughts go away.

      • I have some music, soft and gentle I play Mj.. if writing, and reading don’t do the trick.. I then just allow myself to go within the story of the music as I relax and try to empty my mind.. x x x Love and Hugs.. I so know how that feels.. 🙂 Sue xx

  5. Michiko says:

    I was good night slept for all night but more bad raining days, that is make me not sleep at night.
    With out raining is my happy life.Michiko I hope you having a nice day for you Sweeti san!

  6. Gray Dawster says:

    What a lovely poem
    my sweet and dear friend 🙂
    I hope that you have
    enjoyed your weekend,
    and maybe even had a
    few chocolate surprises 😉

    Be very well my dear friend Sweeti

    Andro xxx

  7. Divoo says:

    That’s a lovely poem and a perfect one to say at night. Nighty Night! 🙂

  8. Michiko says:

    I think about your country are beautiful time with me Only I know with our weathers time of cold ..
    I wish all of the weather’in the other country too!
    Have a nice day ! sweeti San!

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