Do you believe your horoscope.
You start to act as you read it.                    Maybe
My subconscious mind is adapted to what I read?             Maybe
Im a libra  and i Jump right and left. Typical.
I have problems making choices.

Do you believe your horoscope.
This is mine for today
Have you been spending too much time exploring other places, other faces, and other options? Stop for a while today and ask yourself just what is so wrong with where you are now, who you are with now, and what you are doing now? The answer might surprise you. Sometimes, focusing too much on your next steps in life only keeps you from appreciating where you are in the moment. Being content is not a sign of having no ambition. It’s a sign that you are wise and happy.
And i admit  My thoughts are Always with to morrow.
Have to stop that and relax
My balance is in balance…at least i try.
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14 Responses to Horoscope

  1. prenin says:

    I haven’t read my horoscope in decades! 🙂

    For the record I am a Cancerian Rat! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • chicasl10 says:

      well Ian these horoscope i read sometimes and lately i read late in evening and the whole day was described like that Do i believe that? hmmm Well seems that i dont have my balance under controle


  2. natswans says:

    Well to tell you the truth I rarely read them . It’s ok to read I suppose , maybe if it is a good one I might just believe. Have a lovely weekend hugs
    Sheila x

    • chicasl10 says:

      Sheila its most of the time curiosity and u know the saying?
      Curiosity kills the cat . But in my case.Im a cautious cat.
      have a nice weekend. The sun is back here

  3. Horoscopes are very generalized and suitable for all “Libras” (for instance) born under that sign. They really don’t tell you much about you personally. If you are looking for more detailed information you need to consult an astrologer who will work with your personalized birth chart.
    hugs and love, Eddie

  4. Michiko says:

    I had all my head and body with so good nothing to sofar…only how I’m reaving mylife…
    I’m thinking of my childrens are still yunger age .and yet why I think too much of my thoughts?
    We has wonderful life Sweeti san! Lets a good perspectine to make every days a sunny day!
    The young men has lots of fish with automatically…
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Here’s to you finding the ‘Balance’ Mj.. and sending Lots of love your way xxx Enjoy a fabulous week.. Hugs Sue ❤

  6. Divoo says:

    I am always confused about whether or not to believe what has been said in the horoscope. I’m a cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. I end up reading both most of the time, and end up confused too! I better not read it at all! 🙂

  7. Michiko says:

    I was spend some time thinking about how fortunate we are..We’re often too slow to give thanks and too quick to complain.love you Sweeti’s San!
    We has so much raining with cold weather’s ..may be after this month will be ok? Michiko

    • chicasl10 says:

      we are fortunate Michiko san
      I know that for sure. We are content.with what we have.
      and even the weather is bad Make a smile ok
      Huggies for u Lady Golf
      Hope the weather wil be ok soon for u

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