Rainbow means luck and at the end of the Rainbow a pot of gold.



This morning 2 rainbows. hmmmm   and now 2 pots of gold


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7 Responses to Rainbow means luck and at the end of the Rainbow a pot of gold.

  1. Beautiful, And I hope dear MJ that we have more pots of ‘Love Gold’ poured onto Planet Earth… We could do with many such rainbows right now.. Sending Lots of Love your way, and Hope all is well with you dear Mj.. Hugs to you.. Sue xxx

  2. Michiko says:

    All my friend coming back late after a long walk to see all the rainbow around end of there but not with pot of gold to ours. We need bit farsted to come home.
    We had too much raining day! My golfing a not good now walking very hard to in my times.
    Love to see you in here dear Sweeti San!

    • chicasl10 says:

      well Michiko san The weather is not doing as it should do To warm here To wet there. We need also peace in this world So much horror so when u see the Rainbow u will have some luck And we need so much
      Huggy and good weekend Michiko san

  3. natswans says:

    What a lovely site that must have been dear MJ. I just love those beautiful Rainbow’s and a double one. After a long walk home to see this is beautiful.
    hope you are having a peaceful weekdend xx

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