What if

I have so many friends trying somewhere else but after a while they cry to go back to their homeland. So again guys…


What if..

Imagine you could make a choice

  1. You leave your country because you will do a job in a european country for big money.
  2. But you have to live in an apartment only  4 walls and a small terrace The view you have is on other apartment blocks.  During winter time you see only your work and when its dark you try to come home after a busy day in the middle of traffic jams. Day in and day out.
  3. Your kids cant play in green zones because your home is too  far away from a park.
  4. Life is expensive there .Thats something you find out after years .
  5. At the end of the month your salary is gone.
  6. You start to think  what if..

The other choice.

  1. You stay where you are. The money you earn is not that much.
  2. Your house is in the middle of nature  You walk to your work or you take a way of transport which is normal in your country. You come home after a busy day and you can do an evening walk with the sound of the waves of a barking dog in the silent evening.  PPl outside talking to you about the daily issues.
  3. Your kids do their homework after  a shower because they are dirty.. they played in the trees around the house.
  4. Life is not that expensive . You know that for years.
  5. At the end of the month your salary is also gone.
  6. You start to think   what if…
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11 Responses to What if

  1. prenin says:

    The grass is always greener as the old saying goes. 😦

    Love and hugs!


  2. People make a choice for many reasons.
    Is happiness always considered?
    Sometimes not.
    Enjoy a bright shiny new year!

  3. Yes I shed many a tear over the plight of many.. And give thanks constantly for the blessings I have, …And I constantly send out thoughts for their well being.

    Sending you my own thoughts dear MJ.. for 2016 and beyond.. May you be blessed in Love, Joy and Happiness and Health.. Happy New Year my friend..
    Love Sue xxx

  4. Michiko says:

    I know you are reading polarbear…I am easily frustrated espssially in situation where I’am writting my mind body time I would check for double time.Have a lovely New years 2016 Sweeti’s San!

  5. Sometimes we don’t know what’s out there until we try….and without a change of perspective how can we benefit from comparison. I wish you well in the place you are at. 🙂

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