Its like history repeats

How much difference
My friends and family members.
Currently there are a few super happy. Walking on clouds.
Drinking a glass Having special moments literally on top of the world.
In the same area friends sleep with 4 in one room, working 6 days a week for few dirham.…hoping for better times.
We see on tv golden cars. and golden elevators. Unbelievable wealth.
Currently some friends smiling, joking and having a rich table. Plenty food.
And then there are friends who do not know if they can give their children food this day.
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11 Responses to Its like history repeats

  1. Love and be happy
    There is always something better
    There is always something worse
    Love and be happy, Eddie

    • chicasl10 says:

      thats true Eddie.
      At this moment friends are walking around in Dubai i know
      At the same moment friends are in the same city having the opposite. I know there is Always something at the other end of the street.
      But this difference is so visible So close. Unfair? Maybe it is not the right word i know that Eddie.
      Wish u and ur loved ones a wonderful weekend

  2. Yes I can empathise with how our world is.. One half more than enough the other half so poor it has nothing..
    The only way I can get my own head around it is that within this world of duality we have to have Yin and Yang.. both halves of the coin.. Its a pity we can not seem to resolve this great imbalance of one or the other and learn that sharing and there is more than enough for all..
    So that all will have just what they need..

    My love and thoughts are with your MJ xxx Sue

    • chicasl10 says:

      u say this so right Sue
      Now this moment we have friends living in such contrasting situations.
      I realise that Like Eddie says there is Always something better There is Always something worse.
      But i feel now wish i could mix those 2 situations and make for both parties a normal situation
      wish u a wonderful weekend
      Hugs from Belgium

  3. Yes…life can be very difficult at times…you never know do you… 🙂 xx

  4. Michiko Johnson says:


  5. Michiko Johnson says:

    13-2 was public holiday most of people who has found themselves holiday most of people who has found themselves in the perfect storm of summer swim suits and excess kilos will know.
    If you’re ever going to give things jobs relationships, weight loss regimes- A new chance, surely now is the time. Lovely time with you Sweetis san!
    I’m going to my golfing ..but maybe raining days?

  6. Michiko says:

    Hi Sweeti san!
    I had my hairdresser are made as younger for me. I feeling so good will just of back to few years ago? only my body was still strong golfing ..I hope you has nice time all days!
    We still very hot weather in here but it’s is ok with me.

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