Ten years later

 found this and i thought to share this with u ….


Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday.

Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes light up the world when you smile.

Like the small child who showed you the wonder in simple things.

Like the poor man who offered to share his lunch with you.

Like the rich man who showed you that it really is all possible, if only you believe.

Like the stranger who just happened to come along, when you had lost your way.

Like the friend who touched your heart, when you didn’t think you had one to touch.

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12 Responses to Ten years later

  1. You’re an angle for sharing these thoughtful words.

  2. prenin says:

    Love and hugs MJ – you’re my angel!!! 🙂 ❤

  3. Michiko Johnson says:

    thank you very much for the thoughtful words

  4. natswans says:

    It is true Michiko little deeds are so precious and light up your day. Thank you for sharing this.. Happy Sunday x

  5. There are many such Angels about.. this is what keeps me going.. Like I heard on the radio this morning a man in a supermarket asked a lady why she had a trolley nearly full of Easter Eggs.. and she told him her church had a food bank for those who could not afford much so she was contributing Easter eggs for the children.. After she came out of the cue the man was waiting for her and handed her a £20 note, and said this was towards the food bank.. So we went and got more Easter Eggs…
    People’s hearts are in the right place.. Sometimes it just needs awakening a little.. 🙂

    Happy Easter to you MJ.. love to you and yours my good friend..
    Love Sue xxx

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