Broken Mirror by Ajith Peter


In the reflection of life

mirrors broken in strife

reflecting us in shattered glass

every reflection lifes beating brass

sorrows a reflection of pain

beauty a perishing reflection in vain

joy a reflection with a smile

death a reflection in lifes mile

golden deeds a reflection to care

love lost an empty reflection bare

mirrors in life broken by time

never to mend destinys crime

faded past reflections ever remain

in memories heart reflections

mirrors broken in strain

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11 Responses to Broken Mirror by Ajith Peter

  1. prenin says:

    Very true MJ. 😦

    We see too many shattered lives that are little better than broken mirrors and will never be the same… 😦

    God Bless!


  2. Michiko says:

    Dear Sweeti San!
    joy a reflection with a death a reflection smles,
    Mirrors in life brokien strain of Mirrors in life broken by time .
    It so hard for me these thinking of me.
    I’m going to playing golf tomorrow let play with very well.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Michiko says:

    To days I was normally good pressure I few good give me a sense happiness in my life I ever saw at this of the time I never know it. only my body was very tired.
    Have a good day Sweeti san!

  4. Michiko says:

    Dear Sweeti San!
    I still of your old names it was a long time of years with you, Please take care of with your life.
    Have a good time with your all of your life!

  5. A heart rending poem which speaks of many truths… May we all look into our own mirrors and see what it is we reflect back out into the world..
    Love and Hugs your way dear MJ.. love Sue xx

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