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My cat is a threat to the eco system.

You will not believe this. An economist says that cats are a threat to the ecosystem. Now they’re worried about the predatory instinct of my cat. She brings annually seems at least 20  preys, this means 40 million animals per year … Continue reading

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man’s best friend

When I took a shower this morning I heard a touching story. And I want to share it with you guys. It happens in the South of Italy. An elderly lady dies. She had a German Shepherd. The dog is missing … Continue reading

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My Cat

the last days  our cat Chica was acting wierd… When we touched her she showed her teeth. Normally she loves it. we could not hug her.  She went upstairs and seperated herself from us. i talked abt this with a friend and he said check every part on … Continue reading

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It Begins   Plz  open this link  and read pls. Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt is officially open. i wont  put  pics  of the  way they do that.  I think u all know how that goes? we accept this????  Never!!!!!!!!!!  

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The end and the start

 what for the caterpillar means the end of the world its the beginning  for the butterfly Tx Carlos    

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I want u to meet my cat . u see her in her favorit position…..snoring……..

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Bengal Royal

Can we Save this beautiful Bengal Royal Estimations in 2005 indicate an approximate worldwide population of 3,000 Bengal tigers. The bulk of the population is found in Bangladesh and India. There are about 200 tigers in Nepal and a small, … Continue reading

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A letter to my master

That morning u came out of ur bed so early…U were packing ur bags. U took my leash.Oh i was so excited It means …………. running  outside…Yippppppy A lil walk before vacation.We left with the car.U stopped the car in a nature … Continue reading

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Mother love

Plz watch this You tube video…. Thx Duminda  for sending this special video…   Its incredible ….  how this  wild  jaguar  mom….. cares for this lil baby monkey….   Puneet  thx  for the info   abt motherlove with animals… I quote  ur words..   … Continue reading

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Why do birds sing in the morning

One reason may be that dawn is the best time for sound to travel, because there is little wind and less other noise and disturbance. Songs broadcast at dawn can be 20 times as effective as that broadcast at midday. … Continue reading

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