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Trough the eyes of my buddy

A sunday afternoon at Chennai beach Trough the eyes of my buddy  iam sitting at the beach as a i type this the croud is thinindia plays a cricket match lol i land here the sun in his twilight the … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka

Saterday we take the plane to Sri Lanka.  Yahooooooooooooo Im leaving on a jet plane…( JoHn DenVer) This song came tomy mind…He buddy!!!! Hihi We will be back 29th  with a lot of pics for u guys. Visiting friends….doing some projects  ….enjoying … Continue reading

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And the Winner is   Slumdog Millionaire   nominated  for 10 Awards and got  8     Congrats to INDIA     iF U LIKE TO SEE THE TRAILER?   Music link    

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European Football championship

The  Eurpean football championship  2008   The games started at 6 PM  our time this  evening with a big show..well  to be honest  it WAS not my thing a lil bit old fashion.But as i say…. its my opinion The stadium was filled  with … Continue reading

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Man jokes Only for women LOL

Adrian   This is my reaction on ur  women  quots  ……. Man Jokes How does a man show thathe is planning for the future?  He buys two cases of beer.  Why are blonde jokes so short? So that men can remember them.  … Continue reading

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Buddha’s lost children

  Director  Mark Verkerk(Dutch guy)  stayed a year in the heart of the "Golden Triangle" to make this moving and touching movie.   Excellent documentary about a man, Phra Kru Ba Neua Chai, that used to be a professional Thai … Continue reading

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Is this over the edge????

I think  ts time for a lil joke…… U know one day not laughed …………..Is a day not lived.. (hmmmmmmmmm or was it loved)    whatever      Oke here i go     One day   an elephant  meets a camel…   The elephant … Continue reading

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