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90 years ago…. The 1917 Battle of Passchendaele, also known as the Third Battle of Ypres or simply Third Ypres, was one of the major battles of World War I. In this battle, British, ANZAC, Canadian and South African units … Continue reading

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Che Guevara

U know friends  my fav. history man is Che Guevara. I write this between dinner and a visit of my friends   2 day i bought a book abt the live of Che..(Beautiful pics in it  Original taken by the … Continue reading

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To day its bin 60 years the first ten thousand ton uranium bom was dropped by the Enola Gay, on Hiroshima. Three days later another one on Nagasaki.   Terrible memory   78.000 ppl died instantly. Lil note . Japan surrendered … Continue reading

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Non violence Non violence is the greatest power mankind is disposing of. She is more powerfull than the most powerfull distroying weapon thats  ever been created  by human beings.   This pronunciation is from the most famous man from India Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi. … Continue reading

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Che Guevara

I read some times ago a book abt Che Guevara. It s called "The Motorcycle diaries"   Ernesto Guevara wrote his diary ,during a journey he made with his friend Alberto on a motorcycle. They started from Argentina and travelled … Continue reading

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