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Susan Boyle

  Britains got talent 2009   U must have heard  abt this lady. Susan ….a lady  47 years old. she  came on stage. she is really old every one laughed a bit..( really  undecent) even the  persons  who had  to judge  … Continue reading

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Baby Can I Hold U

THis song  in my You tube   gives me the shivers I put the lyrics here..   Hmmmm Close ur eyes   and just listen  oke?????  Enjoy   "i’m sorry,"It’s all that you can sayYears gone by and stillWords don’t come easilyLike "sorry" … Continue reading

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Chasing Cars

Relaxing time . I love this song and wanna share it with u… Here are the lyrics ….. and You tube is playing now We’ll do it allEverythingOn our own We don’t needAnythingOr anyone If I lay hereIf I just … Continue reading

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A Night to Remember

Saterday    June 2      THE night to remember   Bryan Adams   The last song   Bryan  played was  A night to remember well    we did In december 2006 (yes   6 months ago   (and sold out in short time) I bought the tickets  and yesterday  … Continue reading

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Miss you nights

Ive had many times I can tell youTimes when innocence Id trade for companyAnd children saw me cryingI thought Id had my share of thatBut these miss you nights are the longest Midnight diamonds stud my heavenSouthward burning like the … Continue reading

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There is no Goodbye

Saying goodbye to ur love Airport   ….Last eye contact……….. is a hard thing to do….I have a few friends who experienced this and some who are gonne experience …in near future.  And i heard this song on the radio…and i thought  … Continue reading

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All good things come to an end

This new one of Nelly Furtado….is one of ma fav at this moment     Dogs were whistling a new tuneBarking at the new moonHoping it would come soon so that they could die Honestly what will become of meI … Continue reading

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Think abt u

These lyrics ………..are my feelings …..atm   Its Mr Brian Adams   I think abt u. I oughta be workin’ – but I can’t concentrate I oughta be sleepin’ – ‘steada stayin’ up late When I oughta be doing all the things … Continue reading

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Thoughts of U

I put this entry here Coz I like the lyrics very much and I wanna chare this with U all .Its from My space pal   Tarhead Mugwump Love Song There are times when I’m alone, I close my eyes and … Continue reading

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Nine million Bicycles

This song is coming up here in the Netherlands and Belgium Its a soft one but really good Katie Melua There are nine million bicycles in Beijing That’s a fact, It’s a thing we can’t deny Like the fact that … Continue reading

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