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Good Friday

Thirty pieces of silver A price for a soul to deliver On the cross a king slain For his love to carry our pain Solders whip and iron nail His love never to fail Humbled among thousands his tears cost … Continue reading

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Laid to waste

The land rots laid to waste the precious land green gardens turning to desert sand a bag of plastic choke the roots a bottle and can  rush the shoots factory chemical kills the seed this by the hand of human … Continue reading

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To all the women in this world

woman in lifeborn as a woman in tis lifeher path sown with thorns of abused strifeher dreams chained in societys disguisein a godess a woman is worshipedin life in times her flesh sold and whippedwoman in life cared for the … Continue reading

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A kiSs

    Words sweet from the lips    yet not as sweet as a kiss       hearts be healed with a wish    sealed with a kiss       sweetened by a tender lips    innocence in a childs kiss       care … Continue reading

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The streetdog

This event is so unique that i want to share it with u  My space Friends My buddy Pety saw this  happen as a witness.   A begging child got scolded and  hit by a so called Gentlemen. a street … Continue reading

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Its very cold these days.Last night it was -18..Even during daytime the temperature stays below zero. My friend Pety wrote this winter poem for me.. and the pics are taken by myself so Njoy   U like to c more pics?   A … Continue reading

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A Cross of wood

 A cross of wood Tis the carpenters son on a cross of woodTo slay him the soldiers in hoodtis day in calvary stoodblood of lamb shed for good Tis the  King born in a mangerYet to none a strangertime he … Continue reading

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