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Londen trip

London is the most visited city in the world. I had no idea abt this but after standing in a queue for a ride in the London Eye i was sure  …No lies in Wikipedia. Thousand ppl waiting  I dont exaggerate. … Continue reading

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WhEn nAtUrE tAkEs OvEr

ICELAND Today the Vulcano activities on Iceland are terrible.   With the Nort EAst wind the dustcloud is coming to the west part of Europ. To morrow morning the worst will happen. The airports are closed in all the north west … Continue reading

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The first days in Sri LAnka

Saterday morning 12 th december we were all packed and ready to fly. First we had to fly to Heathrow, cos  there are no direct flights to Colombo from Brussels. Sunday morning we arrived in Sri LAnka and ready for 15 days … Continue reading

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Expedition Pattaya   A belgian journalist went to Pattaya  to see if the reputation of the city is real. When u say to  ppl that u go to Pattaya  they say  "Ohhh..So ur not going for the good food.?!?! " … Continue reading

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Bull fightin Spain

My friend Mo send me a video,with the message that he was doubting of sending this one to me.   Not for sensitive souls. The content was cruel The Spanish Bull fight. I wrote him back that i trow up seeing such things. But … Continue reading

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Belgium Chocolate

Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions, a lure for lovers, the indulgence of the rich and later, the favorite of the masses. Belgium produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year with more than 2,000 chocolate shops throughout the … Continue reading

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