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Nature gives

Nature gives and nature takes We pray for all the ppl who lost their live and all their possessions.

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This morning….

This morning when i woke up, didn’t know for a moment what day it was. Yes:( Im that far gone…lol….Just for some minutes though..My brains started to work again . Time goes fast, cant keep up . When its continuing … Continue reading

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We watch the same moon

Moon said to me, if ur friend is not responding u why dont you leave ur friend… I looked at moon and said does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine??? This foto is OURS   Urs and mine  … Continue reading

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Close to inner peace.

Close to the clouds where inner peace is for granted.  

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Last night…

Last night I dreamed my life was done, and heaven’s gates flung wide. And with kindly grace, an angel ushered me inside. And there stood those I’d shunned or judged unworthy or unclean. Indignant words rose to my lips, but … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka 8th time we visited.

It was for the 8th time we went to Sri Lanka. We were all busy in Belgium to launch several projects, so when we arrived in Sri Lanka projects were halfway. Thanks to Suresh aka Olonga. Our aim is to provide electricity … Continue reading

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Its been a while.

Dont worry about my absence here I will be back  WHEN im back from Paradise. ( have been busy with all kinds of things) arnold Schwarzenegger’s  words ( Now mine)    

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Mother earth

Can earth be Earth when all it’s trees are gone, And sudsy waters have become unfit, And poisoned life no longer greets the dawn With raucous sounds that death has caused to quit? Will trees no longer wave, with limbs … Continue reading

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Broken Mirror by Ajith Peter

In the reflection of life mirrors broken in strife reflecting us in shattered glass every reflection lifes beating brass sorrows a reflection of pain beauty a perishing reflection in vain joy a reflection with a smile death a reflection in … Continue reading

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The great success of our Quiz.

For 8 th time we organized a quiz  for fundraising for the small projects we do in sri Lanka here some  insight pics. Thank you to all the volunteers Who made this evening running turbo.!!! The sponsors  and the quiz teams.   … Continue reading

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