Just me

I use Word press to express my feelings  about things that happen in this world.

and to communicate with friends all over the world. My fav books are abt the life of women in different cultures and religions.Which give me the feeling that i must thank God for being born in this lil country called the Netherlands.

10 Responses to Just me

  1. penpusherpen says:

    Communication through the printed word, that’s the best way to do it. Sweeti, And you do it well..
    Thank you for sharing your world and the things that mean so much to you…xPenx

  2. Androgoth says:

    Hellooooooooooooooo You what are you
    getting up to on this sunny (Well it’s sunny
    here in Ghoul Land… lol) fine day… Is it a
    day for skinny dipping or ballooning, maybe
    a bit of the other? Nooooo I mean a bit of
    the other, like in bungeeeeeee jumping…

    Have a lovely rest of day now Sweeti

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Androgoth says:

    Hi sweeti it is really great to see you
    back on WordPress, are you feeling
    okay my wickedly great friend? I have
    told Jen about how you couldn’t get
    into her Space, it’s a new one by the
    way, so pop in whenever you get a
    chance to… Have a lovely rest of the
    weekend and remember do try to be
    good, if you can I mean? lol

    Androgoth XXx

  4. Hello and thank you for dropping into my Dreamwalkers Sanctuary you too have a very interesting site, and I will be back to read more very soon.. Your English is very good.. 🙂

  5. yazrooney says:

    Thank you for writing Sweeti. The world needs to hear your voice. We are all important.

  6. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you friends for sharing the article is quite interesting, hopefully we all get that true happiness rays began to warm our hearts and make the heart glad, when we can share with each other sincerely. Lots of love from Gede Prama 🙂 🙂

  7. seeker says:

    Chica, you live in a beautiful country! Yes, thanks be to your God

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