Broken Mirror by Ajith Peter


In the reflection of life

mirrors broken in strife

reflecting us in shattered glass

every reflection lifes beating brass

sorrows a reflection of pain

beauty a perishing reflection in vain

joy a reflection with a smile

death a reflection in lifes mile

golden deeds a reflection to care

love lost an empty reflection bare

mirrors in life broken by time

never to mend destinys crime

faded past reflections ever remain

in memories heart reflections

mirrors broken in strain

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The great success of our Quiz.

For 8 th time we organized a quiz  for fundraising for the small projects we do in sri Lanka

here some  insight pics.

Thank you to all the volunteers Who made this evening running turbo.!!!

The sponsors  and the quiz teams.




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Dont look back

Dont look back in your live, there is no ability to change a thing.





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My Soulmate called Buddy


and i know where im talking about.

Friends from the heart and soul.

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We can Always try.


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Trip to Agios Nikolaos

One week holiday.

Sun and friendly people. Good food and after a week a perfect condition.

We had a suite the most high situated one, that means walking up and down for everything. First days we were a bit annoying about this condition, but we got used to that.

a perfect view over the sea and mountains was our reward.DSCF0865

we went for a safari trip and visited an old mayor of a nearby city He was living in the mountains with only the nature around him


He looked a bit like Fidel Castro dont u think. .

Then visit the Zeus cave  Extreme high climb to the entrance  but the Cave was awesome


Then back to the city Agios Nikolaos.DSCF0965

The Marina  with beautiful boats  or do i need to say Ships?

Tx to our friends on this tour.DSCF0901

Oh  btw we did some heavy weights also during the trip. haha


we are here  on the Ida mountain area.



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Vesak But no festivities …..

On Vesākha Day, Buddhists all over the world commemorate events of significance to Buddhists of all traditions: The birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Gautama Buddha. As Buddhism spread from India it was assimilated into many foreign cultures, and consequently Vesākha is celebrated in many different ways all over the world. In India, Vaishakh Purnima day is also known as Buddha Jayanti day and has been traditionally accepted as Buddha’s birth day.

Now with the floods and landslides in sri Lanka, more then 223,687 people have been affected.We pray for the ppl in Sri Lanka

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