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My silent friend

Eyes Ur eyes i see them sparkling talking to me without a word ur eyes tell  me a story i understand we talk in silence only ur eyes. Crying  eyes ….. floating…     Im gonna visit u all my friends   Plz … Continue reading

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Need a break

Hi my Blog friends..   I need a time tired. Dont know whats happening, but i feel like i run a marathon every day. I want to write abt the tragedy in Myanmar and  the earth quakes in China. but i … Continue reading

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Justine Henin   She is now 25 years old and she decided  to stop playing  tennis. The greatest Belgian sportwoman in history  She says goodbye without  looking back. She said  to be releaved.   She was kinda  cool  when she announced  her  … Continue reading

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Tx my friend

A letter to a Friend    A letter I write to a friend of mine    Wishing in her life the sun to shine    One in a million a Jewel so fine    I did find in the destinys deepest mine     A friend … Continue reading

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  What "Mother" Means "Mother" is such a simple word,But to me there’s meaning seldom heard.For everything I am today,My mother’s love showed me the way. I’ll love my mother all my days,For enriching my life in so many ways.She … Continue reading

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I was on Judex  blog.and he wrote  abt  the hunger in this world.Had a pic  of a lil kid….. skinny …  with  flies all over. we all know its still there every day kids die under age of 5. i know that  rich … Continue reading

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    I woke up very early i want to enjoy every minut of this wonderful day. After  breakfast i changed clothes and went for my sunday run. As my  friend was not here  (she is  riding bicycle for 4 days,,Thumbs up!!!) Im not  … Continue reading

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The Kite Runner

I….started to read  a book  The Kite Runner from Khaled Hosseini. Normally i never start such a biggy( i read  strips — watchings the cute pics)  but i hear so much good things abt this book So last week i went to buy … Continue reading

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