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Parkour the new SpOrT

Young guys call it Parkour. Parkour is a kind of escape technic that was used by soldiers fighting in Vietnam to evacuate and keep the enemy at some distance. One of those guys a french gymnastic guy trained  his son with … Continue reading

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To die on the water with ur wings of paper Just float, after flying in the clouds, float with ur colours which blur without search without questions At last…for always rest The flowers u kissed The fragrance u have smelled U can forget … Continue reading

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Unique aIrPoRt

Wierd nah   Ppl running on the  tarmacs….Employees of brussels airlines.had this opportunity  ..special  thing nah?? Others worried abt their start  or to come home     Flights….hmm   I wish for all ppl far away  trapped in an airport … Continue reading

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WhEn nAtUrE tAkEs OvEr

ICELAND Today the Vulcano activities on Iceland are terrible.   With the Nort EAst wind the dustcloud is coming to the west part of Europ. To morrow morning the worst will happen. The airports are closed in all the north west … Continue reading

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FlOwEr PoWeR pArTy

  Once a year we have a big party for all  the employes.This year we had a theme The Flower Power style A lot of employes were like… Jesus im not going cos i dont like to wear such things  or finding … Continue reading

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Dont know

  Im bit in situation that i dont know how to react. i want advise   what would u do when u know that a person is telling lies. The lier knows that i know he is telling lies. The person he … Continue reading

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Good Friday…WHy GOOD????

A Cross to CarryYonder on a day he carried a wooden crossBearing the love of the souls world acrossHis body bled by the soldiers whipThirty silver coins betrayals tears doth dripTo suffer a crucifix a crime he commitsLoving the unloved … Continue reading

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HaPpY EaStEr

Happy Easter to everyone that reads this. Normally i would make an entry abt the real meaning of Easter I found this foto and could not resist share it with u. Poor Chocolatata  rabbits.      

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