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When I treat u decent. When im honest with u..and when i keep my promises…..Ur trust in me will grow. When i call on u…. it will be not in vain…Even im allowed to make mistakes. they will be compensated … Continue reading

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A lot of ppl think when they are succesfully in one thing its compensating  what they lack in the other … But is that so>?????   Maybe its for a short time…. But is succes in ur job enough compensation … Continue reading

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My Next Project      Next sunday  i have to do a speech in the chapel  at our nursing house… I wrote my speech but i got stuck..not a single word on paper anymore….I need time…. Normally i dont have to … Continue reading

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am i right .am i wrong

    I’ve got a right to be wrongMy mistakes will make me strongI’m stepping out into the great unknownI’m feeling wings though I’ve never flownI’ve got a mind of my ownI’m flesh and blood to the boneI’m not made … Continue reading

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Todays newspaper…………. A 19 year old girl in Montevideo ( a model) died of Anorexia..Half year ago her older sis ( also a model)died coz same disease. She lived on cola light and salade…. The last fashion events in Milan and … Continue reading

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Valentine I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.  I wish everyone a happy valentine … Continue reading

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Is this over the edge????

I think  ts time for a lil joke…… U know one day not laughed …………..Is a day not lived.. (hmmmmmmmmm or was it loved)    whatever      Oke here i go     One day   an elephant  meets a camel…   The elephant … Continue reading

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This morning

My day off…Thursday …….. every 2 weeks….. This week we had a lot of troubles @ office ……work work….not normal anymore..But soit Most probs are solved now… and life goes on….hmmmmmmmmmm To fast…. if i may say.. Time flies….I will … Continue reading

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Its so easy

Its so easy to cheat on urself by having a busy life.. Working very hard to climb the social ladder and then after some time u find out ur ladder was placed against  the wrong wall

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Being hurt by someone u truly care about leaves a hole in ur heart that only love can fill.  

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