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Never i will allow a stranger to touch my body.

These last weeks well known men are in the news in Belgium. Not cos they did something special..Hell no. For sexual intimidation at work. ( Hot item ) Here is one story of so many. A student nurse was working in a hospital (in Belgium) She … Continue reading

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The sky is different every moment

First i want to share a foto. One special foto which won the Pulitzer price. Its heartbreaking.A bom explosion in Kaboul in Afghanistan.A girl crying in the middle of injured and death bodies.  News fotographers are contronted with such situations  Massoud Hossaini … Continue reading

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Shall i copy my cat??

Running from here to there. Getting stressed cos programs are not working as we wish. Thats our daily program these last months at office. But i think i better copy my cat. Oeps im a copycat  Is that forbidden?? Hmmm … Continue reading

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When a couple decide to separate there are more changes then being alone again.Children have to visit mother and father one week here one week there. The house need to be sold. The memories of the house, where so many … Continue reading

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He is risen

Crucified still with the world celebrating an easter day to die  and live a victory on cross to pay crucified still mankind in hunger abide crucified still nakedness without clothes to hide crucified still humans chained and abused crucified still children … Continue reading

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No bus no train no metro

An ordinary saterday…an accident with a bus and a car in Brussels A controler comes to see and arrange the documents. The driver of the car calls friends.  Then the controler is attacked by those guys.  Result.. a quick transport … Continue reading

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Commandmen​ts of the cross

Crucified on the cross of wood On Golgotha among the thieves he stood The son of God to bear the human pain His final words commandments of cross slain A prayer to forgive and forget the past If we doth … Continue reading

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