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Just feeling so lonely.   All my work is done, just laying on my lazy chair in the veranda. Its raining again for a change.  Nobody ‘s there to talk to. Only my cat, but she dont say much, only … Continue reading

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Looking back

Dont look back in ur live, there is no ability to change a thing.

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Dance as if no one can see u, sing as if no one can hear u love as if no one has ever hurt u before.

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I put this on my blog , even I am a woman. To all the women of the world, This is not an attack on our behaviour.Coz we know it isn’t so.   There are FEMALE  hormones in beer   Last weekend … Continue reading

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U can always get someone to luv u even if u have to do it urself

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Have no fear, I’m near   When U feel alone inside ur heart Dont be scared to fall apart. Think of precious time when u have  no fear In these moments i’ll be always near Even though not physically Like … Continue reading

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Hugs are ideal to give as a present Fits all the time.

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