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An autumn walk

  Foggy morning. a small world. A view  from my office window.     I came home  at 12  after 4 hrs office work with a head ache ,painfull throat and running nose. I was thinking  when i was driving  home….i eat and … Continue reading

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A kiSs

    Words sweet from the lips    yet not as sweet as a kiss       hearts be healed with a wish    sealed with a kiss       sweetened by a tender lips    innocence in a childs kiss       care … Continue reading

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Happy Diwali The festival of light   and be carefull with the fire work u hear!!! light the dark sky with new light enjoy the holidays  

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Father Damian

  A small country with a Holy Father Damien   Damien was born as Jozef ("Jef") De Veuster as the seventh child in the family. Following in the footsteps of his brother Auguste (Father Pamphile), Damien became a Picpus Brother On … Continue reading

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  As u all might have noticed was silent on my space these last weeks. this is gonna change again. I was organizing a quiz, for our projects in sri Lanka. last evening the event took place, and i can say…….. it … Continue reading

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