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A Victory for the Bulls

Lawmakers in the region of Catalonia thrust a sword deep into Spain’s centuries-old tradition of bullfighting, banning the blood-soaked pageant.I remember years ago ( when i was young) we went to Barcelona with a group.Automatically we all went to the … Continue reading

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Child abuse

In our news paper The centres against child abuse in Flanders and Brussels have got 8802 reports of abuse in 2009. In 6503 cases it went a concrete presumption of child abuse or – neglect. That is  eighteen cases  per day, increases of … Continue reading

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A different way to come home

During some weeks i was walking with u trough my Ireland trip. LAst weekend  saterday a good friend of mine ( Tx Luc  what a fun in the rain.and the Cava was awesome  no??) asked .. why i had  not written about the death of … Continue reading

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Celtic ….typical

When we talk abt Ireland we think about music  and the typical houses. we visited in the county Kerry an open museum. we had  beautiful weather to walk around in this interesting place.     I quick look inside for u??? … Continue reading

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Oxford university

I go backwards now…back to Oxford, Uk   Whats so unique  in UK…When u say Oxford  everyone is talking abt the university, not the city  as so. Oxford  University is the third oldest surviving university in the world and the … Continue reading

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Friendly people…..good tasting Guinness and music   We visited a village in Ireland..out of the bus and running to the beach. but there we got that one shower.. and everyone ran into the first pub we saw..But what a suprise. … Continue reading

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