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Parents Kids.

A friend of mine her son is growing up  and going to leave the house. I remember that i wrote abt this years ago. There comes a time…. kids fly away from their nest, and  then parents get emotional You taught your children … Continue reading

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When a village disappears.

Doel a village on the Schelde. A lovely small village . Since years the inhabitants are asked to leave the village. Not easy when you have lived your whole life there until then. The village must disappear to expand the port of Antwerp. … Continue reading

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No one is born happy But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness So today  make others happy Flash ur sweetest smile

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When they are bored….

What rich kids do when they are bored? 1. Champy party for 2 million dollar Thats what the son of a malaysian millionaire spend. Yep In one party. 2. Grandson of a Greek shipowner. He is a beach dweller full time. Nice … Continue reading

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To night Madonna is performing in Brussels. This event made me writing this post. In an interview on the radio with a Celeb spotter I was forced to listen.The lady talked abt the way Lady singers perform these days.  Like Madonna she … Continue reading

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Site stats

Can some one tell me how i get the site stats back, here on wordpress. I click the link here ( dashboard and then site stats  and the page is empty. Yesterday  the link was gone all of a sudden and … Continue reading

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67 Years later

The atomic bombs. How can we forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 1945 The mushroom effect. What  happened to the radiation that lasts thousands of years,when u see how the city of Hiroshima is rebuild  and how? I Hope that someone has … Continue reading

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Belgium will close the Nuclear plants

The two Belgian nuclear sites are located at opposite ends of the country. Doel  Nuclear Power Station is on the northwest side near the port of Antwerp. The  Tihange Nuclear Power Station is to the southwest along the Meuse River. … Continue reading

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