My life was cloudy until i had a chance to meet u
overwhelming……with ur ray of sunshine
U gave me such a sweet friendship
One that I won’t forget and never will abuse
The feeling that we share has
taken us one step further
From just friends to best
friends forever ……ever and a day.
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2 Responses to Sunshine

  1. Marc says:

    Ik zag je reactie bij Brassboy, deed me stil maken. Het leven steekt raar in elkaar…. van illusion en club 54…. naar de keiharde waarheid. Mijn Pa zou willen snel de draad weer op te pakken, hoe moeilijk dat ook is. Kom je daarom een fijne dag wensen en hou je door jou herinneringen nu ook taai. Marc

  2. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi Sweeti,Very pretty poem. I love your entries. They are precious jewels. Thank you for what you wrote about adoption. We are moving in the direction. I feel it will happen in my heart. Love to you.Jaime.

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